Pool & Garden

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House Zambia's swimming pool and garden are completely private and are located in the backyard of the house. The door at the back of ground floor leads to this very large open area which also contains a large terrace with another fully equipped kitchen and a barbecue grill.

You can enjoy House Zambia's swimming pool and garden at any time, even at night, as it is surrounded by elegant light poles. The high Cretan trees, plants, vegetation and bamboo fences, shield the pool and garden's view completely from the neighboring houses, providing complete privacy and beautiful green surroundings. You can visit our Gallery for more images.

Just outside the ground floor of House Zambia, there's an outside modern shower and toilet. If you are enjoying House Zambia's outdoor activities, you don't have to go inside to visit the toilet or have a shower. Everything you need is within reach. After all, you can cook outside, organize a family barbecue, or have a nap under the cool shadow of our garden trees.

The garden not only provides a great relaxing and serene background scenery, but it also provides a cool shadow shelter for those famously hot Greek afternoons. House Zambia's garden is full of Cretan flowers, plants and trees but its centerpiece is the large, glorious oak tree at the edge of the garden, surrounded by a stone pedestal. Under the oak tree you can find a small coffee table, ideal for a relaxing chess or backgammon game amidst the guaranteed summer breeze of the garden.

Overseeing the swimming pool and the garden is House Zambia's large terrace. The terrace houses a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge and freezer, an electric cooker and a barbecue grill. You can organize a BBQ event with family and friends with local, fresh Cretan meat you can buy directly from one of the village's butcher shops. The terrace also has a large dining table and is protected from the strong Greek midday sun with a tent.