Coming From Chania

The Meeting Point

The meeting point is near the central Rethymnon interchange on the Heraklion-Chania highway called "Atsipopoulo interchange" (or "Komvos Atsipopoulou" in Greek). You can find it by following the signs and taking the exit towards the "Atsipopoulo" location. After the exit and the first (quite steep) turn, you can stop the car in front of the bakery and give us a call.

Keep in mind that from Chania airport, it takes approx. 40 minutes to get to the meeting point. From there, the villa is a short 10 minute drive.

Directions to the Meeting Point

Coming from Chania to Rethymnon via the Heraklion-Chania highway, you can see all the relevant signs when approaching the central Rethymnon Interchange.

Near the interchange the signs will show the exit for "Atsipopoulo" and Rethymnon. For the meeting point you have to take that exit and then follow the signs towards Atsipopoulo.

When you arrive at the interchange, please slow down and keep your car at the right lane since the exit appears suddenly and is easy to miss. The sign below appears just before the interchange and the exit.

There is another overhead road sign just in front of the exit. Keep right and take the exit.

At the end of the exit, just turn right, following the signs towards "Atsipopoulo". Straight ahead is the University of Crete campus and on your left side is the city of Rethymnon.

After turning right towards "Atsipopoulo" you have to take a sharp left turn following the main road. There is another road that appears on your right just at the beginning of the turn. Ignore this road and continue on the main road by turning left.

After this sharp left turn you can see a meat shop on your left hand. Follow the main road and make a steep right turn to arrive the meeting point.

After the last turn you will be able to see a few shops on the right side and a Chevrolet car dealership straight ahead. Our meeting point will be just in front of the Bakery on the right.

There, at the small and narrow parking area between the bakery and the car dealership, stop your car and wait for us.

Please give us a call when you arrive at the intersection or at the meeting point. After you call us, we will be at the meeting point in less than one minute, since it's near our house. From the meeting point, the villa is a short 10 minute drive.

The Meeting Point on Google Maps

You can also see meeting point marked on the map below.